BACKUP – Best protection against Ransomware, Malware and Viruses

Anti virus is an important piece of your computing software mix.  However, there is no antivirus software to date that can guarantee protection.  None of these listed anti virus software can protect your PC but its still not wise to go about your daily computing life without one installed.  So what’s in an anti virus software.  Stop!

Go back and ensure that you have valid backups.  What will you need:

  1. USB Drive with a least 500 GB  – buy 2
  2. USB stick with 8 GB  – buy 4
  3. Software – SyncBackup Pro or Acronis Backup (both are available on the internet)
  4. Cloud backup storage and software like Carbonite.
  5. Disk imaging backup.

USB Backup storage allows  for  quick data recovery.  USB Sticks allows for workstation and notebook reconfigurations.  Cloud backup brings a robust storage more suitable for disaster recovery.   Disk images, allows for quick recovery for critical workstations.